The Sacre-Coeur La Salle Group offers diverse and adaptive educational options to meet the needs of young people preparing for their future. Founded in 1874, the group is now proud to be a member of the La Salle France network, whose educational experience is long established.

The school

The group is composed of three separate entities and sites. The first, in the city center of Angers: General and Technical Sacre Coeur La Salle High School. Students aged 15 to 18 prepare for the French Baccalaureate. The second, next to the high school: Sacre-Cœur la Salle Primary School. The pupils are between 3 and 10 years old. The third, on the university campus in Belle-Beille: Sacre-Coeur La Salle Campus. Students aged from 18 to 22 continue their studies in higher education.

Extracurricular activites and sport

The high school offers all students the possibility to participate in an extra-curricular activity, on Thursdays from 3.30 pm to 5.15 pm, such as:

  • Musical Theatre
  • Drama
  • Photography
  • Filmmaking
  • Sport (dance, rugby, scuba diving…)
  • Aviation (Aeronautical Initiation Certificate)
  • Contemporary music
  • Festival Premiers Plans

We welcome high level young athletes, in partnership with Angers SCO Football TeamAngers SCO Rugby Team, and Angers Hockey Club Amateur (ice hockey).

Angers, jewel of the Loire Valley (a UNESCO world heritage site), is easily accessible from Paris by train (1h30), or by car (3h), and is one hour from the airports of Nantes and Tours. The Lycee Sacre Coeur La Salle is situated in the heart of the historic town centre, on the banks of the River Maine. It is 15 minutes walk from the train station and is served by both the bus and tram.

Angers, a significant city in terms of population, culture, and history :

  • Home to Angers Castle, the Jean-Lurçat Museum, the David d’Angers Museum, Saint-Martin’s Collegiate Church
  • Premiers Plans Film Festival, the Accroche-Coeurs street performance festival, and the African Cinema Festival
  • Food’Angers wine and gastronomy festival, Made in Angers spotlight on business and innovation, Connected Week spotlight on technology (Angers hosted the World Electronics Forum in 2017).

Voted the number one town in France to live in, Angers is a green, dynamic, and pleasant city with a population of 40,000 students.


The lycee is both a general and technical teaching institution. As such, we offer preparation for the following baccalaureate:

  • Stream General 
  • Stream STMG : Sciences and Management (and within this stream, a European option, with additional focus on, and exploration of, international commerce and Europe).


The SCLS group can validate your trip with different exams and qualifications:

  • Baccalaureate (Bac): national diploma awarded at the end of general studies  and technical studies (STMG/STMG Euro) at the school.
  • BTS (Brevet de Technicien Supérieur/Advanced Technician Certificate) in International Commerce among others: diploma studied for two years after the Bac = 120 ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System)
  • DELF: (Diplôme d’Etudes en Langue Française/Diploma of French Language Studies) Certification to evaluate level of French, for non-native speakers. Levels A1, A2, and B1 using the European Standard.
  • TOEIC: (Test of English for International Communication) Certification to evaluate level of English, for non-native speakers.
  • VOLTAIRE: Certification of French spelling level.
  • HSK : Certification to evaluate level of Chinese

• Canada (Nipissing): twinned with Nipissing University
• Canada (Shawinigan): twinned with Shawinigan Lake School
• China : cultural and linguistic travel
• France (Strasbourg): cultural and educational travel
• Germany (Ösnabruk): twinned with Angelaschule High School
• Germany (Berlin): cultural and linguistic travel
• Mali (Bamako): working friendship with Notre Dame du Niger Girls High School since 1986
• Poland (Lodz): twinned with Baczynski High School.
• Spain (Valladolid): with IESO Sagrada Corazon High School & el Grial Primary School
• Turkey (Istanbul): ongoing partnership with Saint Joseph Hish School
• USA (Houston, Texas): twinned with West Side High School

Studying in France allows a young international student to be immersed in the French culture and the French education system. The baccalaureate is well-known internationally and will pave the way to higher education.

Partnered with AFS

Each year, the SCLS group hosts between 10 and 20 students from other countries, who wish to pass a year studying in France, possible thanks to our association with AFS Live Without Borders. The students are placed in a class appropriate to their age, and follow the corresponding curriculum. Certain AFS students also choose to take the baccalauréat, with success. The young ASFers can benefit from all the activities proposed by the school.

Hosted by a French family

A selection of French families are keen to share their everyday life, allowing the student to develop strong ties with the country and be truly immersed in the French culture.


The SCLS group has access to a state of the art boarding facility that can house around sixty girls or boys. Remarkable accessibility and a positive immersion are the principle advantages provided by the SCLS group, insuring each international student has a successful and fulfilling trip.